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Give your patients and technologist a positive scan session with a complete MRIaudio Sound System for your hospital or imaging center.

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Worried about how your patients will handle the loud noises of an MRI scan?

Patients who are claustrophobic or anxious about MRI scans can now relax and listen to music with our MRI compatible headphones and premium audio system.


Over-Ear MRI Headphones

These MRI non-magnetic headphones provide high quality music while reducing the loud MRI scanner noise. The 29 decibels of noise attenuation meets OSHA requirements. MRI Over-Ear headphones feature an adjustable headband that fits both pediatric and adult head sizes. For sanitary protection, we offer disposable cloth covers to avoid patient cross-contamination.

29-decibels of noise reduction (29dB NRR) provides excellent protection.
Non magnetic.
Non-deforming headband fits pediatric and adult head sizes.
Ventilated inner headband.
Thick foam padding for patient comfort.
Quick-Click adjustable headband.
365-day warranty.

In-Ear MRI Headphones

The MRI-compatible in-ear headphones are slim and fit easily into tight spaces, such as head or spine coils. They provide high-quality music to help reduce patient stress or anxiety. These lightweight earpieces deliver 29 decibels of noise attenuation while still allowing patients to enjoy their favorite music or podcast. To ensure safety we offer disposable tips that are latex free and biocompatibility tested.

Designed to fit into tight spaces, such as head and spine coils.
29-decibels of noise reduction (29dB NRR) provides excellent protection.
Drowns noise of machine while allowing clear, quality music to flow through.
Rotating ear-tip heads allow for increased patient comfort.
Disposable latex-free ear tips, bio-compatibility tested.
3 Year Warranty

Non-magnetic Headphones Built with Love

Our headphones are designed to improve the patient experience and imaging center efficiency. By allowing patients to listen to calming music, we help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during their scan. This results in better images for the radiologist, which can lead to more accurate diagnoses and quicker patient turnover.

We want to make your experience at the imaging center as positive as possible. Our MRI compatible headphones provide a calm and relaxing environment that will help you get through your scan quickly and easily.

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Patient Comfort Through Sound

MRIaudio Headphone Accessories

Official MRI headphone accessories are convenient and sanitary way to keep patients safe and comfortable.

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