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Disposable Cloth MRI Headphone Covers

Disposable MRI Headphone Cloth Covers – 500 Pairs


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Sanitary replacement cloth covers for the MRIaudio Over-Ear Headphones. Keeping equipment sterile in imaging rooms can be a challenge, and that’s especially true for MRIs. To help limit patient cross contamination, we have designed the Disposable Headphone Cloth Covers to fit around our Over-Ear MRI Headphones. When used, these covers will reduce the necessary cleaning time in-between patient scanning procedures.

• Keeps patient safe and reduces contact with bacteria, germs, head lice, hair products and viruses.
• Reduces cleaning time in-between MRI scans.
• Moisture-proof, breathable, soft and comfortable.
• Thin cloth allows sound to pass through without distortion.
• Non-woven fabric and latex free.
• Protects headphones from excessive wear.
• Quantity – 500 pairs (1000 ct.)
• Color – pink.


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