MRIview suite - MRI audio video system for patient comfort and MRI efficiency
MRIview - Video Suite

Revolutionary MRI Video System: Transforming Patient Experience

Our MRI compatible video system transforms your MRI suite into an immersive cinematic experience, improving scans & patient satisfaction. It saves time, optimizes efficiency, and boosts profit margins for imaging centers.

Our Cutting-Edge MRI Video System Alleviates Stress & Claustrophobia

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Ensuring the happiness of MRI patients can boost patient satisfaction scores, providing your MRI facility with a competitive advantage to attract a larger client base.

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MRIview is cost effective, easy to use, & compatible with any streaming app.

MRIview allows patients to watch high-quality videos of their choice during MRI scans, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Resulting in reduced scan times and MRI efficiency.

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Innovative CalmView Mirror

Our innovative CalmView mirror for MRI patients enhances comfort and overall scan experience. The mirror is extremely easy to set in place and is self standing. Unlike other devices, it doesn’t require connection to MRI tables, simplifying the process for patients and staff. This feature also guarantees compatibility with any MRI scanner.

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High-Fidelity Audio & MRI Noise Cancellation

MRIaudio offers unparalleled sound quality with our 3rd Generation Sonic Transducer and custom MRI headphones. Our cutting-edge technology delivers deep bass, crystal-clear tones, and frequencies as low as 120 Hz. Additionally, our MRI headphones offer 29 decibels of hearing protection, effectively masking the loud noise of the MRI machine. Your patients will enjoy a truly comfortable and immersive experience with us.

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Control Station built for MRI technologist

The MRI video control station was built for MRI techs with user-friendliness in mind. The digital amplifier features adjustable volume, bass, and treble knobs for personalized audio. The tablet acts as the media hub, providing access to music and videos via streaming apps.

With Bose speakers, technicians can listen with patients for clear understanding. Our system integrates with your communication system, allowing direct patient communication through the headphones. Experience our ready-to-use system with endless content.

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MRIview Video Display

Experience the future of MRI technology with our revolutionary MRIview display. With a shielded projector and a premium 56″ screen, we turn your MRI suite into a home theater. Enjoy vibrant colors, full HD quality, and compatibility with popular streaming apps for endless patient entertainment.

Our MRI video system offers flexible installation to fit your facility’s needs. Adjust projector position and optimize setup easily for varying room sizes, ensuring utmost convenience. Choose MRIview for unrivaled patient care, comfort, and peace of mind.

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MRI video system display by MRIaudio

Transform Scans from Dull to Delightful


Why you need an MRI Video System:

MRI audio & video systems enhance MRI patient experience and reduce the need for sedation. Furthermore, our headphones offer 29 dB of noise cancellation and premium sound quality, offering a calming escape during scans.

Alleviate Anxiety in an MRI
42% of people surveyed confessed to being afraid of an MRI scan.
MRI Patient Satisfaction
MRIaudio systems improve patient experience by 95%.
More Efficient MRI Scanning
Music is a smoothing distraction that helps minimize patient movement.
Less down time
Average machine down time can result in a loss of $60k to $120k per year, per machine.
Fewer Aborted Scans
10-15% of scans that need to be re-done are due to movement. Children and people with disabilities are higher.
FDA Certified 510k
Our product has been fully tested and approved using the highest quality standards in 510k certification.
High-Fidelity Sound Quality
For those who listened to music during previous scans, 85% said their ability to listen to music was better with MRIaudio.
Reduce Use of Sedation
14% of patients require an oral or IV sedation. Increasing hospital MRI costs.
1-Click instant customer service
Simply use your iPad to FaceTime with us for real-time troubleshooting or training.
FREE 30 day trial
30-day satisfaction guarantee & 1-year limited warranty that covers any defective parts in material or workmanship.
Variety of Music Streaming
86% of MRI patients believed custom music was a valuable feature.
Direct Patient Communication
Microphone will override music in patient’s headphones to give technologist direct communication.

Plus + 0 Day Warranty

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Our Quality Policy

MRIaudio and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. We will always strive to provide quality products on time and continue to improve our Quality Management System.

Core Values:

We believe that people will use any product if it is easier to use or follow. Our goal is to make your life and our products as easy as possible.

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Each employee has their own strengths and weaknesses. We encourage everyone to focus on their strengths and support others with their weaknesses.

We advocate for establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Each transaction and discussion should provide advantages to both sides. We believe in creating Win/Win situations with every customer.

At MRIaudio, we firmly believe that we should recognize and celebrate achievements, regardless of their size.

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