Buyback Program

MRIaudio sound system buyback


MRIaudio will give you $1000 on the trade-in of ANY competitors’ MRI sound system.

We want the best for both your patients and imaging facility. MRIaudio will buyback your existing audio system for $1000 with the purchase of an MRIaudio Premium Sound System. MRIaudio is the leader in providing superior music and audio systems that will create happier, calmer patients while improving satisfaction scores.

Already have an MRIaudio Sound System? Upgrade now and we’ll give you $2000 off your next purchase.

We’re always innovating. The MRIaudio engineers have worked diligently to improve our audio systems over the years. It might be time to upgrade and provide an even better experience for your MRI patients.

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How to use the MRIaudio sound system

WHY MRIaudio?

MRIaudio technologist Canon Toshiba

For the Patient

• Soothing Distraction
• Reduction of Anxiety
• Reduction of Claustrophobia
• Hearing Protection
• Choice of Music
• Enhanced Sense of Time
• Sound Masking Technology
• High-Fidelity Sound Quality

For the Technologist

• Easy-To-Use
• Less Down Time
• Calmer and Happier Patients
• Fewer Aborted Scans
• Direct Patient Communication
• Variety of Music Streaming
• No Noise or Artifacts
• Ideal for Pediatrics

For the Imaging Center

• Free 30 Day Trial
• Product Reliability
• Improves Patient Satisfaction Scores
• More Efficient MRI Scanning
• Marketability
• 29NRR Patient Liability Protection
• Potential to Reduce Use of Sedation
• OEM Compatible
• Available Worldwide