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See for yourself how the MRIaudio Sound System can benefit your hospital or imaging center. Sign up for a free, virtual demo.

During the 15-minute demonstration, you will have the chance to see the system’s features and benefits and get the answers to any questions you may have. It’s a great first step to decide if an MRIaudio Sound System is right for you.

Additionally, we offer a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL with a brand new audio system for your medical center. If you don’t like it, you can return it at no cost!


We know the daily struggles for technologists that deal with patient anxiety and claustrophobia during noisy MRI scans. The MRIaudio Sound System is a simple solution to calm patients and reduce the need for re-scans. During the live, one-on-one demo, MRIaudio President Spencer Howe will be a walk you through the benefits of our easy-to-use music system.

MRIaudio live product demo Spencer Howe
MRIaudio live product demo amplifier
MRIaudio live product demo microphone

WHY MRIaudio?

MRIaudio technologist

For the Patient

• Soothing Distraction
• Reduction of Anxiety
• Reduction of Claustrophobia
• Hearing Protection
• Choice of Music
• Enhanced Sense of Time
• Sound Masking Technology
• High-Fidelity Sound Quality

MRI technologist desk

For the Technologist

• Easy-To-Use
• Less Down Time
• Calmer and Happier Patients
• Fewer Aborted Scans
• Direct Patient Communication
• Variety of Music Streaming
• No Noise or Artifacts
• Ideal for Pediatrics

MRI imaging center profits

For the Imaging Center

• Free 30 Day Trial
• Product Reliability
• Improves Patient Satisfaction Scores
• More Efficient MRI Scanning
• Marketability
• 29NRR Patient Liability Protection
• Potential to Reduce Use of Sedation
• OEM Compatible
• Available Worldwide