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SHARP San Diego Medical Center

“We are a busy center that scans over 2500 cases per month. I was interested in improving customer satisfaction. We replaced the old audio system with a new MRIaudio System and we are very glad that we did. We like the straight forward no hassle operation of the MRIaudio system and the patients especially appreciate Pandora radio. Now we can finally ask patients “what would you like to hear” rather than stressing out about if the radio station they like will come in.”

Sharp and Children’s MRI Center, LLC. San Diego, CA

Adventist Health Selma

“If you are looking for a great audio system for you department then look no further than MRI Audio. I recently purchased a system from MRI Audio for my department and I could not be any happier. Spencer from client services is a true professional and really knows how to provide the absolute best experience for his customers. A state of the art system at competitive pricing combined with true customer service, what more could you ask for. I am looking forward to a long business relationship with MRI Audio and the wonderful staff that supports their product. MRI Audio is the company that best serves you and your facility. Thank you again MRI Audio for all that you have provided for our department and the patients we serve.”

Adventist Health, Selma, CA

Paris Community Hospital

“Our hospital was looking for a stereo system for our MRI suite. We looked for some time and kept coming up short. We went with MRI Audio’ and they came out and did the install, which was seamless and very professional. Their sound system is amazing. The patients love it. We get many compliments on how well they can hear the music as it blocks out all other noises. The voice from the microphone comes through very clear. We purchased the iPad option and it is very simple to use. Spencer was and is still an amazing help with anything we need. Highly recommend MRI Audio for your audio needs.”

Paris Community Hospital, Paris, IL

touchstone medical imaging

“Your customer service is “TOP Shelf”! I have other vendors begging me to buy their systems and I even demo’ed one that was very similar to your system but their quality is inferior and their customer service is sub-par.”

Touchstone Medical Imaging, Texas

Tri-state Memorial Hospital

“Microphone on original competitors system died, after 6 weeks waiting for replacement I got in contact with Spencer Howe from MRIaudio on a Tuesday. On Thursday he showed up in person with a new system for a free 30 day trial. In about 10 days we canceled the mic order and purchased the MRIaudio system. Techs and patients love it, sounds like a real stereo on the patients end. Every interaction with Spencer has been positive and worth the call. The price for the system was very reasonable and perishable supplies seem to be as well. Do yourself a favor and check them out.”

TriState Memorial Hospital, Clarkston, WA

pacific imaging center

“We are an out patient MRI center specializing in orthopedics, head, spine and body exams. We have always offered music to our patients, however in the past, this has been time consuming but worth it in the patient comfort arena,. We found MRIaudio. Superior customer service, great sound quality and as an extra bonus, less time spent setting up because of the iPad. Patients love the ability to stream what they want to listen to.”

Pacific Imaging, Longview, WA

UCSD Medical Center

“The staff are really excited about the stereo. It is awesome! As an MRI tech of over 25 years I can tell you the music/intercom situation for patients and techs has been nothing but a hassle. This is the first system to address all the issues and the sound is fantastic! Thank you for coming out with this much needed product for our patients!”

UC San Diego Health System, San Diego, CA