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MRI Audio Headphones

If you’re looking for a comfortable, non-magnetic slimline MRI headset, look no further than the Slimline Noise Guard MRI Headset. The slim profile of this headset means that it fits into most MRI head coils. This headset provides noise attenuation, while allowing the patient to listen to Music of their choice. Plus, the Slimline Noise Guard Headset is compatible with most MRI sound systems. So why wait? Get the Slimline Noise Guard Headset today!

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MRI safe slimline headphones have been shown to be an effective means of reducing MRI patient anxiety. They work by reducing the sound of an MRI machine and allows patients to focus on the music or audio book that is played from the sound system.  This helps to keep them calm, still, and comfortable during the scan.

Whether you’re looking to offer your patients the ability to listen to music during scans or just want to reduce the overall noise level, our MRI Slimline Headphones are a great choice. These are compatible with almost any MRI sound system, however to achieve the best sound quality and noise reduction use these headphones with our premium MRI audio system.

Comfortable, non-magnetic Slimline MRI compatible headphones reduce MRI scanner noise for greater sound quality. The headphones feature an adjustable headband that fits both pediatric and adult head sizes. Available disposable cloth covers provide sanitary protection.

The MRI Slimline Noise Guard Headset is designed to fit in smaller spaces and will not adequately reduce noise to meet OSHA requirements, and must be used in conjunction with ear plugs that have an NRR rating of 29 or more.


  • Provides excellent protection, but must be used with ear plugs to reach the 29dB attenuation recommended.
  • Non magnetic.
  • Quick-Click adjustable headband. Non-deforming headband fits pediatric and adult head sizes.
  • Comfortable padding inner headband.
  • Foam ear padding for patient comfort.
  • 1 year warranty.

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Weight 5 lbs