Disposable Ear Tips – MRI Headset – 250 Pairs

In-Ear Headphone Tips

Disposable foam ear plugs are specifically designed to fit the MRIaudio In-Ear Headphones. Ear tips are made from a flexible inner tube surrounded by comfortable, viscoelastic memory foam. By utilizing the single-use earplugs, the chance of patient cross-contamination is greatly reduced. Keep patients safe, comfortable and protect ears from the loud noise of an MRI machine. Biocompatibility tested for patient safety.

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SKU: 300


• Quantity – 250 pairs (500 ct.)
• Disposable ear tips reduce and prevent cross-contamination.
• Reduces clean time in-between MRI scans.
• Protects patient’s hearing – Noise Reduction Rating of 29db+ (ISO: 17025) (ANSI S3.19-1974)
• Cone-shaped earplugs adjust to the shape and size of the ear canal.
• Drowns loud noise of MRI machine while allowing clear, quality music to flow through.
• Bio-compatibility tested.