Hitachi MRI Table Pad Kit – 8pc. Set

MRI Comfort Pads

• Model no. HIT2115 by Patient Comfort Systems.
• Works with all Hitachi MRI scanners.
• 8 piece positioner pad set includes table pads and wedge.
• Provides patient comfort during stressful MRI, CT or PET procedures.
• Antimicrobial agent in fabric prevents growth of 99% of harmful bacteria.
• Made from contouring Visco-Elastic memory foam.
• Decreased patient motion during scan.
• Moisture and vapor proof.
• Easy to clean with standard hospital disinfectants.
• Fire Safe – Complies with CTB-133 Standards
• Works with MRI, CT and PET Scanners.
• Easily cleaned and disinfected to prevent patient cross-contamination.
• Latex free.
• Exceptional radiolucent qualities.
• Flammability compliant to CTB-133 standards.

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Hitachi MRI Patient Comfort Pad Set (8-Piece Kit)

Make your patients feel more comfortable during their MRI scan with this non-magnetic patient comfort system pad kit. The kit comes with eight pieces and is designed to fit the Hitachi scanner.

The pads are made of high-quality foam that provides maximum comfort and support throughout the scan. They are also covered in a durable, waterproof material that is easy to clean and disinfect.

This kit includes pads for the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and feet. Each pad is labeled for easy identification and placement.

With this non-magnetic patient comfort system pad kit, you can ensure that your patients have a comfortable experience during their MRI scans.

Kit Includes:

• HIT2111 MRI Pad A – 31″ x 27″ x 1.25″ – 2pc.
• HIT2112 MRI Pad B – 31″ x 13.5″ x 1.25″ – 1pc.
• HIT2113 MRI Pad C – 27″ x 13.5″ x 0.625″ – 1pc.
• HIT2114 MRI Pad D – 31″ x 27″ x 0.625″ – 2pc.
• HIT2117 MRI Pad E- 31″ x 13.5″ x 0.625″ – 1pc.
• HIT2211 Knee Wedge – 24″ x 28.2″ x 8″ – 1pc.


  • Made from non-magnetic materials, breathable, waterproof polymer
  • Variety of shapes allow for versatile positioning
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Helps improve patient comfort during MRI scans


Using this non-magnetic patient comfort system can help improve the overall experience for patients undergoing MRI scans. By providing a comfortable and stable surface to lie on, patients may be able to remain still for longer periods of time, resulting in clearer images and more accurate diagnoses.


This positioner is designed to work with Hitachi MRI machines and can be used with patients of all sizes.

MRI Pad Technology

The Patient Comfort System utilizes viscoelastic technology that was pioneered by NASA to reduce the high g-force tissue loads endured by astronauts during space travel. The advanced material used is a solid urethane cellular matrix with fluid characteristics, enabling it to mold seamlessly around body contours and evenly distribute weight for optimal comfort.

MRI Pad Covering Materials

This revolutionary material is designed to keep patients comfortable and clean. Its advanced breathable, waterproof polymer design prevents shear and maceration while also allowing for easy maintenance – a perfect combination that allows optimal hygiene without sacrificing comfort.