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MRIview Video System


Allows patients to watch video content while undergoing an MRI scan. Additionally, a built-in camera allows the technologist to better view the patient while they’re inside the bore of the MRI.

• In-Bore Screen (no mirrors or projectors)
• Soothing Distraction
• Reduction of Anxiety
• Reduction of Claustrophobia
• Choice of Video Content
• Enhanced Sense of Time
• Fresnel Lens Gives Patient the Perception the Screen is Further Away
• Two Way Video Chat



• MRIview patient video display
• 30′ RF shielded cable
• Computer room cable
• DC Adapter for cable
• 100’ Black BJC 3G/6G HD SDI cable, BNC to BNC
• 100’ Hi-Resolution RG59 RCA to RCA 75 Ohm Composite Video Cable
• Blackmagic Design Mini Converter – HDMI to SDI 6G
• Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable High Speed with Ethernet (6FT)
• Android Tablet PC
• 8″ TFT LED Monitor 1024×768 Resolution Display Portable 4:3 IPS HD