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MRIview Survey

At MRIaudio, we’re dedicated to enhancing experiences for patients and healthcare pros with innovative solutions. Your insights are so important and helps us refine our products. Thank you for advancing patient care and being part of our journey!

2. How many MRI scans does your center complete each day (per scanner)
3. How frequently do you use the MRIview video system?
1 minute2 minutes3 minutes4 minutes5 + minutes
5. Do you use the MRIview for both head-first and feet-first patients? (check all that apply)
6. I currently have trouble with the following system components: (check all that apply)
7. Do you have trouble flipping the screen for Head-first and Feet-first patients?
8. Do you have any issues using the Windows Surface Tablet. (check all that apply)
9. What video and music applications do you mostly use? (check all that apply)
10. Has your MRIview system ever unexpectedly turned off.
11. I mostly use the MRIview for: (check all that apply)
13. Are the MRI technologists properly trained on how to operate the MRIview patient video system?
14. How do you feel about offering patients video: (check all that apply)
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